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Global Threads is sponsored by and in partnership with:

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Akron Stories – Premier Edition- featuring the Nepali-Bhutanese community

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Serbia Stories – Premier Editions – featuring Kikinda, Serbia

Cultural traditions weave their threads into our past and present – but not always into our future…..Global Threads is an opportunity to tell the stories behind the arts and cuisine of our local Nepali and Bhutanese refugees. Global Threads honors traditions passed down from generation to generation and keeps these essential elements of cultural heritage alive adding to the vibrancy of our Akron community.

Michelle Wilson, Executive Director , Global Ties Akron

I am really excited and happy to be a part of this crucial project for 2018. This is wonderful program and project to expose and learn how we can impart a cultural story from various communities to another. This will help me to share the story of our communities to other people.

Puspa Gajmer, Founder/ Artistic Director, Himalayan Music Academy

This international collaborative project with Serbia provides a great opportunity for GTA to help celebrate the diversity in Akron through a focus on showcasing and preserving the cultural heritage of our local Nepali and Bhutanese refugees and fostering the continuation of their unique artistic talents.

Theresa Minick, Vice President & Chair Global Education, Global Ties Akron