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About the Global Threads student edition project:  

A celebration of cultural heritage stories as told by student storytellers as citizen journalists.  The project is made possible through the Communities Connecting Heritage program managed by World Learning and sponsored by the US Department of State.  The creative concept was born out of a collaboration from Global Ties Akron and Creative Group Serbia.

We are proud to share with you our third publication.  Our Student Edition focused on three series of articles:  iPromise Team I opens our eyes to the amazing cultural heritage of the Karen refugee community of Akron, iPromise Team II celebrates the traditions and heritage of the Congolese community of Akron and our citizen journalists from the museum of Kikinda and Akron's Early College High School will take you on a journey of exploration as they shared the quirks, history and cultures of each city together.


Team I of APS iPromise Channel 23 News team Global Threads Citizen Journalists interview Hsa Win and Fairymoo Eh of the Karen Community of Akron.  Learn more about their inspiring stories, cultural traditions, foods, languages and more and how it enriches our community.


Akron Public Schools Early College joins Kikinda, Serbia museum youth tour guides for two virtual global exchange experiences. 

Tour Kikinda, Serbia & Akron, Ohio virtually with our Global Threads Citizen Journalists as your guides. 

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Team II of APS iPromise Channel 23 News team Global Threads Citizen Journalists interview Samantha Byake and fellow student Feza to share the cultural heritage stories of Akron's Congolese Refugees.  Learn more about their journey from around the world to Akron, Ohio.  


Global Threads 2021 Student Edition was sponsored by and in partnership with:


Communities Connecting Heritage Project managed by World Learning and Sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs US Department of State.


It has been a pleasure to work with the educators and the 6th grade students of the Akron Public School iPromise School and the Akron Public School Early College students from the Drama Club and Street Law Course.

Thank you Kikinda Museum Youth Volunteers

We thank the Museum of Kikinda and their youth volunteers for their participation and support in the success of this project.  It has been great to revisit Kikinda, Serbia again with Global Threads Online Magazine.


A world of thanks to the Akron Community Foundation for their ongoing support of Global Ties Akron's initiatives to bring the world to the classroom.  Global Threads is one of our programs to help build bridges in our community as we explore diversity, equity and inclusion through storytelling and learning about one another's cultures, histories and customs.  We truly are enriched by the wealth of diversity in Akron.  The more we learn, the more we know how to respect and appreciate one another.