The APS- I PROMISE School operates in partnership with LeBron James Family Foundation.  It provides intentional social-emotional learning and a strategic approach to its trauma-informed curriculum, the I PROMISE School addresses the unique needs of its students to meet them where they are.

The APS - AKRON EARLY COLLEGE provides opportunities for students to earn early associates degrees while in high school.


AKRON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION embraces and enhances the work of charitable individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses that make a permanent commitment to the good of the community.  Global Ties Akron applies for funding under the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Education categories and appreciative for their ongoing support for these essential programs in our community.  https://www.akroncf.org/


MUSEUM OF KIKINDA: Kikinda National Museum features archeological, ethnological, historical, natural history, fine art and pedagogical departments. The three neighboring municipalities: Kikinda, Ada and Čoka embrace the Museum’s activities.  Since 2006 the original remains of one of the best preserved mammoth skeletons in Europe is kept at the Museum.  http://www.muzejkikinda.org.rs/index.php?lang=eng

CREATIVE ECONOMY GROUP SERBIA was formed in 2012 as an academic expert group that deals with the analysis of the relevant economic, legal and social issues of development of the creative economy in Serbia and West Balkan Countries.  Global Ties Akron worked with Creative Economy Group in 2017-18 to create and design the first two editions of Global Threads online magazine.   Global Ties Akron is appreciative of all of the networking and introductions made that have provided opportunity for continued partnerships with Kikinda, Serbia.


US DEPARTMENT OF STATE BUREAU OF EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS:  As mandated by the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) works to build friendly, peaceful relations between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges, as well as public -private partnerships. https://eca.state.gov/about-bureau

WORLD LEARNING COMMUNITIES CONNECTING HERITAGE:  The program engages underserved communities, empowers youth, and builds partnerships between communities in the U.S. and in key strategic world regions through virtual exchange projects that explore cultural heritage topics. These projects advance tangible and intangible cultural heritage appreciation and preservation through community outreach and public education.  For more than 85 years, World Learning has equipped individuals and institutions to address the world’s most pressing problems. We believe that, working together with our partners, we can change this world for the better.  https://www.worldlearning.org/