Our Mission

Global Ties Akron strengthens academic, corporate, organizational and personal links between Northeast Ohio and the World.

Our Story

Global Ties Akron was founded as Hosting International Travelers in 1976. Our visionary founders realized that our community is enhanced by the presence of international dignitaries, scholars, and guests.


Each of our volunteers – local and international – is a citizen diplomat. Citizen diplomacy is the understanding that it is each of our responsibility to better understand global diversity, cultures, religions, and situations. It is also our privilege to share the best of American values – goodwill, volunteerism, professionalism, hospitality, diversity and pride in our democratic nation- with our international guests.

Global Ties Akron sponsors international exchanges through the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program.

From the beginning, Global Ties Akron has offered programs to welcome and interact with international students attending the University of Akron. In an effort to share the wealth of cultural knowledge that international scholars bring to Akron, Global Ties Akron organizes an International Speakers Service. This program brings international student ambassadors into our area classrooms to open the eyes of our children to the diverse and interdependent world that they will need to understand in order to succeed.

Today, Global Ties Akron continues to be a vibrant asset to our community. Together, our dedicated board of directors, professional paid and volunteer staff and citizen diplomats keep the Akron Area fondly in the memories and hearts of guests from around the globe.

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