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Images provided by Global Ties Akron.
Images provided by Global Ties Akron.


Written by:  Armani, Danielle, Matilyn, Gabriel, Aaron, and Martel


What is your favorite cultural food to eat? A lot of people would probably say Mexican, Italian, or Chinese. However, have you ever tried Karen food? Karen food is a flavorful, spicy, delicious, and sometimes sour cuisine that most people have never tried. All Karen meals are centered around rice; families usually make a big bowl of rice with many different sides for their meals. These are called side dishes. One popular part of Karen meals is fish paste. Fish paste is fish that is ground into small pieces and mixed together with seasoning and then it is fried. These might also include vegetables like squash, bamboo, greens, and eggplants, and some type of meat or fish.


Furthermore, when all the food is made, Karen people do not always use utensils. They use their hands and fingers when they are eating solid food. When soups are served they use curvy and short spoons. Even though Karen food is quite tasty, sometimes they have a hard time getting enough food to eat, especially in refugee camps.


It is important to learn and care about other cultures and their foods!

Buh Ei Bun
Buh Ei Bun


By Matty.

Meals are served in family groups sometimes including friends or neighbors.  Meal includes a large container of rice with smaller bowls of meat or fish, vegetables, chiles, fermented fish paste, and other foods and spices.

Information source: Karen Organization of Minnesota. https://www.mnkaren.org/history-culture/karen-culture/food/ January 12, 2021


Fairymoo shared with us how to make sticky rice in her interview. Here is a YouTube video for anyone who wants to try it out!